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Reporting: Enrollment Comparison
Reporting: Enrollment Comparison

Learn to compare this season's enrollments with previous ones

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The Enrollment Comparison Report provides a quick and easy way to compare this season's daily enrollment with last season's, showing how your numbers have changed. This side-by-side analysis helps you track your progress and make informed decisions.

Note: If you have two seasons open, this report will compare your oldest open season against your most recently closed season.

  1. Navigate to Reporting > Enrollment > Enrollment Comparison. Select the session(s) and Program(s) to pull information for your report.

  2. Choose how you'd like to sort your report:

    • Gender, Grade

    • Grade, Gender

    • Division

  3. Click the green ''Generate Report'' button.

    Note: This report gives you basic overview information, and is not configurable beyond the options listed above. It's meant to provide quick, at-a-glance info.
    ๐Ÿ’กTip: To gain detailed insights, consider generating user reports for each season. Export these reports to CSV format and use an external system, such as Microsoft Excel, for a thorough comparison.

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