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Reporting: Enrollment Report
Reporting: Enrollment Report

Learn how to run reports on enrolled campers

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Our user reports offer incredible flexibility and powerful features, but sometimes you might want something simpler and quicker to create.

The enrollment report is the perfect solution! It provides an easy-to-read view of who is enrolled in specific sessions and programs.

Video Tutorial

Run an Enrollment Report

  1. Navigate to Reporting > Enrollment > Enrollment Report.

  2. Select the "Session(s)", "Program(s)" and/or "Days of Operation" to pull information for your report.

  3. Select the "Session" status and optional "Person" status or statuses for your report.

  4. Click the radio button to choose a detailed report, or a summary report. A detailed report will include individual camper names, while a summary report will only show numbers of campers. Select the "Output Type", PDF or CSV.

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  5. Click the green ''Generate Report'' button.

Important Considerations

The order of the sessions shown on this report is determined by your Session Setup under Admin > Camper Setup > Season Settings.

  1. To change the order, access the "Definitions" menu > Sessions in the upper right of that page, and click the "Arrange" button.

    Note: Any changes you make to the sort order will also be reflected to your applicants on the Camper Application - the Arrange button controls both the report and the Camper App display.
    πŸ’‘Tip: the enrollment report is not configurable beyond the options listed above. If you need the ability to do inline editing, to configure which fields show in the report, or to export to CSV, consider User reports instead.

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