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Reporting: Missing Forms
Reporting: Missing Forms

Learn how to report on and send emails to applicants who didn't turn in on their forms

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Every year, as the season kicks off, you might find that some parents or staff haven’t filled out all the forms on their CampInTouch dashboards.

Everyone's busy, and sometimes, things get missed. Luckily, there’s a way to run a report to see who's behind on their paperwork.

💡Tip: If you're unfamiliar with or new to user reports, be sure to familiarize yourself with the resources below. They’ll give you the basics you need to efficiently run reports and set up emails.

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Missing Form(s) User Report

The example below shows you how to make a user report for campers, it also applies to communication, and to staff forms.

  1. Navigate to Reporting > User Reports > Camper (or Staff). Click the green "New Report" button in the top right.

  2. Select the "Season", "Partition", "Camper Type", and "Person Status". Select from the required "Session Status" list.

  3. Under "Additional Filter Criteria", select the Field (Dictionary) link and search the word "Missing".

  4. The result will generate a "missing camper forms" and "missing primary childhood family forms" field name. The type of form you see depends on how it was set up in your forms dashboard.

    💡Tip: To ensure coverage, simply click the Add button for each.

  5. Tet your parameters to match the configuration shown below:

    This setup will create a report that identifies anyone with one or more missing camper or family forms.

  6. Select the "2. Fields/Sort" tab from the top of the report to to add the fields needed on the report for follow up (Camper Name, Email...)

    💡Tip: You can use the same criteria outlined above for Communication to build an email list. This allows you to send reminders to those who need to complete their forms.

    When sending the email, use the merge codes "Missing Camper Forms Count" or "Missing Family Forms Count" to inform recipients about the number of forms they need to complete.

Report on specific forms

Based on the reporting example above, you can use the Field Dictionary to locate specific forms, identifying individuals who need to submit.

  1. Example: In the Field Dictionary, search "HealthHistory Received". Add equals "False" to filter all records where you have not received a health history form for this particular person.

  2. You can do this with many forms... camper application, bunk request, additional options, or camper profile.

    💡Tip: Use these filters to pinpoint exactly who needs to complete their forms, and then send them emails encouraging them to log into CampInTouch to finish their paperwork. This will help you check one more task off your list.

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