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Help Tickets and Tech Support

Contact Campminder staff through help tickets and phone support

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While browsing our help articles and videos is your first step for learning, sometimes you need to reach out to a person for specific guidance. Campminder is available to guide you and answer the most specific of questions about everything that makes your camp unique.

💡Tip: The best way to reach out to us is through the ticketing system. This way you'll have a record of all the communication, in case you need to refer to it later.

NOTE: you may hear some of our support agents refer to tickets as "cases." This is what we call them on our side.

Video Tutorial

Creating a Help Ticket

  1. Click on the yellow ticket icon in the navigation panel (top right).

    From here , you can view your existing tickets, any Campminder announcements, and submit new tickets.

  2. Click the green 'Create New Ticket' button. Select a category from the drop-down list (see below for category descriptions) and enter a brief description of the issue in the subject line. This is the title of the ticket.

  3. Write as thoroughly as possible about your question in the text box. The more detail you use, the more likely we'll be able to help without having to write back to get more information.

  4. Enter a contact phone number if you'd like to be called back about the issue, especially if it's a different number than we have on file for you.

  5. Check the box to make the ticket available for all users in your organization. This can be useful if you want all staff members in your organization to be notified of the ticket and the response that will come from Campminder.

    Note: By default, this is OFF. That means your tickets are private (between you and Campminder staff) unless you choose otherwise.

  6. If needed, you may attach a file.

  7. Click the green 'Submit Ticket' button.

Help Ticket Categories

Account Settings

Anything related to the setup of your account, like logins and permissions, bulletins, and notifications.


All things related to managing bunks for campers and staff. Bunk setup, bunk assignment, bunk request form, bunk reporting.


Anything to do with your parents. The camper application, accessing photos, locked-out parents, news & videos, making payments online.


The handling of all communication modules items. Sending mass and individual email, generating labels, documents, merge codes.


All things to do with money. Batch billing, generating invoices, camper financial ledgers, billing info, transaction reports, audits.


Anything camper or staff forms. Editing constraints and parameters, custom questions, enabling forms, batch printing.


All things donor-related. Making your online giving form, running reports, configuring appeals and campaigns, adding pledges and donations in records.


Anything to do with medical. Health history forms, adding logs and treatments, running medical reports or documents, emergency contacts.

Person Records

This is a catch-all to do with campers, staff, parents, donors. Anything to do with the record, like camper or staff history, editing someone's info, photos. Also, merging records, linking family members, or deleting records.


Any user or system report. Charts, criteria, saving reports, fields in reporting.


All things to do with schedules. Setting up, running auto scheduler, achievements, all elective and activity questions.

Season Management

This is a large, overall category. If you're not sure where it goes, it probably goes here. All things to do with the operation of your season, like session setup, definitions, configuring the camper app, discretionary accounts, hiring staff, logins and permissions.


Anything that relates specifically to staff, such as hiring, changing statuses, background checks, salary.


All day and residential travel. Busing, attendance, flights, assigning travel.

💡Tip: If you're unsure of the category, or the questions it could fit multiple categories, its fine to make a general choice.

Example: questions on a bunk report—Does that go into bunking, or does it go into reporting? Either one is fine, and we'll alter it if necessary later on.

Phone Support

If submitting a ticket isn't your preferred method of support, and you want to contact us directly, You can always call at 303.444.2267

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