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CampInTouch: Purchase and Download Photos
CampInTouch: Purchase and Download Photos

Learn how your parents and caregivers will interact with photos

Updated over a week ago

CampInTouch users can add groups of photos to their cart for purchase or buy photo downloads in a batch, instead of individually.

This guide outlines how to download purchased photos in a group rather than one at a time.

Select Photos in Batch

  1. Log into CampInTouch and select the “Photos” icon. Select an "Album".

  2. At the top of the album, select the yellow button for "Select Multiple Photos."

  3. A new window will appear for users to choose the type of product to purchase for the batch (downloads or prints & gifts) and see the total download cost. If a user doesn't have a credit card on file, they'll be prompted to add one.

  4. Click "Submit".

  5. A new window will appear for parents to select the type of product for the batch (downloads or prints & gifts) and see the total cost. If no credit card is on file, they'll be prompted to add one.

  6. Click ‘Submit.’

  7. If users have selected to purchase digital downloads in batch, a new window will appear that states the following:

    "The photos you've selected to download in batch are currently being processed. Shortly, you will receive an email with instructions on how to retrieve your photos. All photos will be sent to you in a .zip file, which you can save directly to your computer."

    Note: Prints & Gift orders will need to be finalized through the cart.

Finalize Photo & Gift Orders

If a user selects to purchase prints or gifts in batch, they will need to navigate to the cart to finalize their order. The cart can be accessed in the bottom right of the page.

  1. When a user clicks the cart icon, a sidebar on the right side of the screen appears.

  2. Photos will appear as selected from the batch and parents can choose to update quantities or types of products here (see red box below).

  3. Once done, users will click “Checkout” and submit their order.

Re-Download Digital Photo Files

After purchasing downloads, users can re-download all their photos through the 'Favorites' folder. This is helpful for saving copies to another device.

  1. New photo batches can be emailed in a .zip file to the user, or, previously downloaded batches can be accessed through the 'Batch Downloads' icon as found on the page.

    Note: This link will only appear once you've processed at least one batch download.

  2. Users can re-download photo files in batch, or individually.

    Note: Since these photos have already been purchased they will not incur a second fee. Photos may be re-downloaded as many times as the user would like.

Individual Downloads: Users can use the small download icon in the bottom left of the photo. Clicking this icon will download the selected photo, which the parent can then save on their computer.

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