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Reporting: Capacity Report

Learn how to view and report on session capacity and available spots left

Updated over a week ago

Using Campminder's Itemized Capacity system lets you easily track and manage session capacities. Stay informed about enrollment progress and ensure smooth operations.

You can view multiple sessions in a single report for a comprehensive look at your capacity. Access this information through Admin > Camper Setup or the Reporting module.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Camper Setup > Season Settings > {Current Season}, expand a session, and click the Itemized Capacity Settings button to view detailed statistics.


  2. Navigate to Reporting > Enrollment > Capacity Report. Choose your season and Session Group from the dropdown at the top left.

  3. Click Run.

  4. If you wish to download the data, click the purple "Generate .CSV" button.

  5. This report shows the session group, session or program, gender, age range, grade range, capacity limit, number enrolled, number applied, number waitlisted, and total spots remaining.

    Example: if you have sessions for 1st-4th graders and 5th-8th graders, each will appear on its own row. If your capacity is exceeded (e.g., manually enrolling kids in a waitlisted session), the spots remaining number will turn red.

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