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Reporting: Returning Campers Who Haven't Enrolled Yet
Reporting: Returning Campers Who Haven't Enrolled Yet

Learn how to identify last season's attendees who haven't enrolled for this season yet.

Updated over a week ago

One common report to run is identifying campers from last year who haven't enrolled this year. Use specific criteria to create a user report for this information. Additionally, you can use the Communication feature to email the parents of these campers.

  1. Navigate to Reporting > User Reports > Campers. Click on the green "New Report" button.

  2. Select the current (newest) season at the top left. This is important.

  3. Check "Enrollment Management" to find campers who were enrolled in the past but not yet this season. Select the "Camper Type", and "Person Status" fields.

  4. Under "Session Status", select the status of "None", if you want to find campers who are not Applied in the current season.

  5. In the field dictionary, select "Last Year Attended" and set it to the previous year. This will display campers who were last enrolled in the previous year but are not enrolled in the current year.

    Example: to find potential campers for 2024 who were enrolled in 2023, set "Last Year Attended" to 2023.

  6. Click on the "Fields/Sort" tab and select which fields you would like to see in your report.

  7. Click on the "Options/Finish" tab and name your report.

  8. Click the green "Generate Report" button.

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