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User Reports: The Cross Partition Person Reporter
User Reports: The Cross Partition Person Reporter

Learn how to generate cross-partition reports

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In addition to generating reports for individual groups (i.e. campers, staff, and alumni), Campminder allows you to report across partitions in a single report. This eliminates the need to export and manually merge multiple user reports in excel.

Video Tutorial

Set User Permissions

Note: You'll need to set proper permissions for a user group before you can access this feature. All system administrators have this permission by default, but you'll need to follow this process for anyone with a custom user group.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Logins and Permissions > User Groups. Select the group you would like to grant access to.

  2. Scroll down the list to "UPR Person Reporting" and set to "Authorized". This grants access to Person Reports.

Person Reports

  1. Navigate to Reporting > User Reports > Person.

    Note: Creating a Person report complements, but doesn't replace, Camper/Staff User Reports, which are still essential for most camp-specific needs.

    💡Tip: Person Reports are ideal for cross-partition reporting, like tag reports across staff, alumni, parents, or campers, consolidating what would otherwise be separate reports into one.

  2. The Person Report offers a unique set of fields that can be added to the report. These fields are general to a "person" - and thus, you won't find camper or staff specific fields here.

  3. Additionally, you can use the address fields in the Dictionary to sort your report by location - think of creating one report that includes campers, staff, and alumni all from New York!

  4. Like creating a Camper or Staff User Report, making a Person Report is a three step process: select who should be included, what data you would like to see for them, and how the data should be displayed.

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  5. The first step to create a Person Report is select who should be included in your report. You'll see the Camper/Staff User Report checkbox selections have been replaced with a Status Selector. You'll use this as a filter to find only individuals with specific statuses.

    It's important to realize that the Status Selections you make here are not necessarily a 1-to-1 relationship with the tile you see on the person's record.

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  6. To more fully understand the relationship between your Status Selections and report results. In short, it's possible to return report results that do not match the tile displayed on the person's record, as the Statuses you are selecting represent a session status, and it's technically possible that some campers or parents may have multiple statuses.

    After you've familiarized yourself with these unique situations and understand the selections you are making, click the Statuses you'd like to include on the report. They will illuminate in color once selected.

  7. Like Camper/Staff User Reports, you'll be able to utilize the Field Dictionary to further filter your report results. The dictionary is limited compared to the Camper/Staff User Reports - you'll only find "person" fields here.

  8. There are many standard fields included in the dictionary, such as name, gender, birth date, age, and most importantly Tags. Having tags included as filter will help you search for just the people that you've labeled with specific characteristics.

  9. Additionally, you'll also have new fields that allow you to exclude people with certain statuses from your report. After reading the "Get to know: Campminder Tile System" article, you should now realize that additional persons may be included on your report, as even if their record does not display the tile for the Statuses you chose- they still have the session status you chose. If you'd purposely like to exclude people who have a specific session status, you can add that status as a filter from the dictionary, and then choose the value "no".

  10. Let's look at an easy example of this so you'll more thoroughly understand this concept. Look at the criteria below - we've specifically asked for the child status "Cancelled" (the green X). However, you'll need to realize that campers who have a cancelled status for a session may also have an enrolled status for a different session.

  11. Let's look at Ellie, our test camper below. Ellie was originally signed up for August camp, but once she found out her friends were going for full summer, she cancelled August and signed up for a Full Summer of fun.

  12. If we were specifically looking for cancelled campers who are also not enrolled in any additional session, we'll select the green X Status Tile for cancelled campers, and then supply an additional filter for "IsChildStatusEnrolled equals No". Effectively, we're telling the system to not show us any child who has an enrolled status as well as a cancelled status. We're seeing our completely cancelled campers; not those who cancelled and changed sessions.

    Note: You may add as many of these additional status filters as you need to exclude any results you do not want returned on your report.

  13. You'll next move on to Step 2 "Fields/Sort". This step is nearly identical to what you are used in User Reports. You'll select which fields should be included on the report - again, from a unique list specifically made for the Person Reporter, including same fields as the dictionary. The three boxes function the same as User Reports - the left box displays available fields for you to select, the center box controls the order of the columns displayed on the report, and the right box orders the your rows of individuals.

  14. Move on to Step 3 "Options/Finish" to select how this data should be displayed on your report - give it a title, and select if you'd like to include line numbers on the report. Two additional selections are available to further customize your report - you can instruct the report to skip a line when a field changes, or to not display duplicate records based on a specific fields.

  15. Click to generate your report in the bottom right, A new window will open displaying your report results. These report results are identical to your Camper/Staff/Alumni User Report Results, but note that Field Changer/In-Line Editing is not an available option.

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