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The Communication Hub Email Drag-and-Drop Editor
The Communication Hub Email Drag-and-Drop Editor
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The Drag-and-Drop editor simplifies the process of crafting stylish, personalized emails.

On the right panel, you can choose from various elements and drag them to the left panel to build your layout.

Video Tutorial

Let's take a closer look at the options in the right panel.

  • Content: this section houses the specific content elements you can use in your design.

  • Rows: this section houses the structural elements you can use to organize your content.

  • Settings: this section houses the general settings for the content blocks.

1. Add Image:

With the File Manager, upload images and logos you often use, making them ready for any message. Just click 'Image' on the right, then drag it to the blue "Drop content blocks here" pane on the left.

Once you place a content block on the left panel, it will show a drag handle display, as well as a tool bar with a Delete Content Block and Clone Content Block icon.

To move a content block, click and hold this drag handle and move it to the desired row or column.

This icon allows you to delete a content block from your design. If you do this accidentally, don't worry. You can always recover the deleted content with the Undo and Redo arrows on the bottom left of the content builder.

This icon allows you to make a copy of a content block. The new block will append directly beneath the original.

2. Add Titles and Social Media icons:

Select Title from the content builder and drag into place. Edit text as needed. Select Spacer from the content builder and drag it in between the image and the title to create separation between the two. Finally, select Social and add it below the title.

Notice how the content panel on the right updates to show editing options when you add a new block to the left side. You can edit the style, color, paragraph, and add links in the title and text editor.

You have the flexibility to move and edit any of these aspects (including removing unnecessary social media icons and links) at any time during the building of your email, so play around with the options to find a style that best suits your unique organization!

3. Add Text Body:

You can type directly into the text window, or you can copy and paste from outside documents. Select Text from the content menu and drag it into place. If you want to offer a visual break between sections of the email, select Break from the content menu and drag it into place.

You can edit the line type, color, weight, and paragraph style of a break in the editor. In the example below, we are adding information about what campers need to pack for camp.

4. Add Merge Fields:

You can add a Merge field to further personalize the message. In this example, we want to add a merge field for the recipients' names to the welcome line. Navigate to the location you want to see the greeting inserted, click Merge Fields from the editor panel above, and choose Recipient Greeting.

Note: Greetings and Mailing Titles are configured by navigating to Admin > Camper Setup 1>Mailing Settings

5. Add Button:

The final addition to this email example will be a button linking parents to a blog about sun safety at camp,

Select Button from the content section and drag it below the text block:

Once in place, use the edit options to add a web page link to the camp blog. Further edit the button using font, text size, and color options in the editor.

We can now Preview our email using the button on the bottom right of the page, and make any changes before sending. You can toggle your preview between desktop and mobile view on the top right of the preview. This email is looking dull for our taste, so we will edit it further by deleting the space below the title and adding an image in its place.

You are ready to send your email! Click the Send button on the bottom right, and you will be returned to your 'Email Summary Page'.

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