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Get to Know: Financial Reports
Updated this week

Say goodbye to the complexities of outdated spreadsheets. With Campminder's robust financial reporting tools, accurate and up-to-date financial data is just a few clicks away, ensuring your administrative team can focus on what really matters—running a successful camp!

Managing your camp's finances is crucial, and a solid financial reporting system is the backbone of a healthy camp. Using Campminder's financial report module, you can move beyond rough estimates and make well-informed decisions that contribute to your camp’s financial success.

Below is a list of the most frequently used financial reports available in the module. If you're wondering, "Which report should I use to view _____?" this list is for you!

Report Title

Uses And Resources


Ideal for a comprehensive overview. This report allows you to view all families that owe money to the camp, along with total charges, refunds, credits, and payments for your selected view. It's commonly used to determine the outstanding balance for each family.

Balance/Credit Forward

This report lets you identify which families have carried over a balance or credit from the previous season.

Bank Account Activity Report

Examine payment and refund transactions processed in Campminder, along with monthly fees, to assist in reconciling your organization's bank account.

Campers Without Tuition Charge

This report displays a list of campers enrolled for the selected season who have not been charged tuition.

Credit Card List

Use this report to identify which campers have valid, invalid, or expired credit cards on file.

Journal Entry Report

This report summarizes journal entries for easy import or entry into your accounting system.

Reconciliation Report

Compare your statements with those from your eCheck or credit card processing vendor.

Staff Financials

This report gathers information on staff salaries, transactions, and biographical details.

Staff Financial Statements

Generates a printable record detailing each staff member's salary and transaction information.

Staff Transactions

Provides a summary of all transactions involving staff.


This customizable report enables you to view all transactions recorded in your Campminder account.


This generates a report similar to the Audit report but includes extra filtering options. It's presented in a web format, allowing you to click through and view details for specific families.

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