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Campanion App: Subscription Management Page
Campanion App: Subscription Management Page

Learn how to navigate and utilize the Campanion Subscription Management Page

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The subscription management page allows camp administrators to control which parents have access to Companion.

User Group Permissions

Video Tutorial

  1. Navigate to Admin > Logins and Permissions > User Groups.

  2. Select the user group to grant access to. Scroll down to the bottom of the list to "Unified Person Record" section and find the line for "Campanion Subscription".

  3. Grant "View" or "Edit" access, depending on the level of access needed for the group.

Subscription Management Page

When a camper is enrolled, all parents in the primary and (if applicable) alternate households automatically get a subscription to Campanion.

Video Tutorial

Add or Revoke Subscriptions

  1. Navigate to Admin > Campanion Subscriptions. Use the filter options at the top of the page to toggle between seasons and/or search for a specific camper.

  2. Click the green "Apply Filter" button to update the list of campers and parents.

    💡Tip: click "Reset All Filters to Default" to return to the default list at any time.

    Note: If you operate on a Parent-Pay model, a green check mark under the "Camper" column indicates that the Companion additional options charge has been added to the family ledger.

    💡Tip: Use this column to verify which parents should receive a subscription.

  3. To Add Subscriptions, check the box to the left of the camper's name or select the "All" button at the top of the column to add subscriptions in bulk.

  4. Note: This action activates checkboxes in both the primary and alternate households.

  5. Click "Save Changes" and "Confirm" to apply the subscription tag.

  6. Use the refresh button to remove any unsaved changes.

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