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Get to Know: Email Communication Hub
Get to Know: Email Communication Hub

Learn how to use the tools in the Communication hub to create and send personalized emails and campaigns

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The Communication Hub allows you to easily create appealing emails and newsletters that work well on any device.

Its user-friendly drag-and-drop editor helps you quickly personalize your messages. With simple and advanced filters, you can efficiently manage and customize your recipient lists.

Create a New Email

  1. Navigate to Communication > Communication Hub > Emails. Select "NEW EMAIL" from the right side of the page.

  2. A dropdown will appear for you to select between "General" and "Marketing" email.

    • General Email: Select for mass emails that don't include marketing content. Examples include form reminders, emails to parents about the first day of camp, or notifications about a weather event.

    • Marketing Email: Select for mass emails that have a call to action, such as encouraging families to re-enroll in camp. Its entirely up to you how to categorize "marketing" content in your camp.

      💡Tip: By default, any recipient added to Campminder will be opted into marketing emails. Recipients can "unsubscribe" from marketing emails using the link added by Campminder, which won't affect the email's design.

Select your recipient list

  1. Select Recipients: Select from “Parent” "Staff", “Camper”, or "Alumni" radio buttons under recipient type. Select the "Season" from the dropdown.

  2. Choose camper statuses and sessions: select at least one of the options from the "Statuses" and "Sessions" menus.

  3. Additionally, you have the option to filter by Program, Days of Operation, and Household menus.

    Note: By default, Households are pre-selected in this filter, but remember that at least one option must be chosen to proceed to the email editor.

Advanced Filters

Refine your audience targeting with Advanced Filters, which offer a variety of recipient options similar to those in user reports.

Example: To filter campers by gender and school grade, click "ADD ADVANCED FILTERS" and hit "Select" under the Field column. Choose "Camper" in the pop-up, then select "Gender" and set it to "Equals Female."

Add additional Advanced Filter rows: If you add more filters, repeat this process by clicking Add Row.

Example: we added Camper, and filtered Camp Grade. We want to contact our middle school grades, so we will choose “is one of and “6th, 7th, 8th from the dropdowns.

💡Tip: You can add as many rows as needed, noting the “and/or” radio button at the top. In this example we have clicked “and” to ensure both criteria are met in the filter.

Form Filters

There are three Form field filters that show a list of people that meet both the required form criteria and form status.

  • Required Form Status: Similar to the existing "Missing Camper Forms Count" field, this will generate the status of any form marked as Required.

  • Not Required Form Status: The inverse of above, will generate the status of any form not marked as Required

    💡Tip: Avoid pairing "Required Form Status" and "Not Required Form Status" together using the "and" qualifier. This will overload the system. Instead, use the "All Form Status" below.

  • All Form Status: This will generate the status for all forms Required and Not Required.

  1. Form status status value can be any of the following for all three of the new fields:

    • Unsubmitted = 0

    • Incomplete = 1

    • Submitted = 2

    • InTheMail = 3

    • Faxed = 4

    • FaxedErrors = 5

    • Uploaded = 6

    • UploadedFromCIT = 7

  2. When you have completed your choices, click Next at the bottom of the page.

Edit contacts list and add title

Choose and deselect specific recipients by ticking the box next to their name in the recipient list. You can edit the campaign name, subject line, and add Bcc recipients.

💡Tip: If necessary, you can upload and attach files from your computer in the right section of the pane. While there's no restriction on the number of files you can add, the total size of all attachments must not exceed 10MB.

Draft the Body of the Email

You are now ready to craft stylish and personalized emails! Read on for a walk through of the email Drag-and-Drop editor.

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Saved Filters

You can save your filters in the Communication Hub, enabling you to quickly and easily send communications to your frequently contacted recipient groups, streamlining your camp's messaging process.

  1. Navigate to Communication > Mass Email > New Email.

  2. Select the filter criteria. Recipient Type, Season, 'Camper Statuses' and 'Sessions selection' are required fields.

  3. Add any 'Program Filters', 'Household' configurations, and/or 'Advanced Filters' to your contact list.

  4. When you have completed your selections, navigate to the top of the window and select the 'Saved Filter' icon.

  5. Give the filter criteria a name, and click the "save" button.

  6. Your filter now appears in the "Saved Filter" dropdown (in alphabetical order) for use in the future.

Saved Email Templates

  1. Create the Template

    If you have a need for repeated template use, simply create the layout and select the 'save' icon from the 'Template' box.

  2. Selecting Saved Templates

    Select 'NEW EMAIL' from the Communication Hub and choose your recipient group. At the top of the editor page, select from the dropdown list the template you would like to use.

Scheduled Emails

The Communication Hub offers the capability to schedule emails. This tool allows users to set a specific date and time for their emails to go out, guaranteeing timely and precise delivery.

Schedule Emails

  1. Craft your Email: Select "New Email" and select recipients and create the email body.

  2. Once you complete the email body, select the "Schedule Email" link from the blue "Actions" button on the bottom right.

  3. Select the date and time for the email to be sent out to the recipients. Click "Schedule".

  4. The scheduled email now appears on the left side on your communication hub home screen.

Edit and Reschedule Emails

If you need to edit or cancel a scheduled email, select the email from the "Scheduled" folder on the left.

Note: If you need to make any edits to the email, you must first cancel the scheduled send. After making your changes, you'll need to go through the scheduling process again to reset the email's delivery time.

  1. Cancel and Edit the email.

  2. Once canceled, you will see the email has moved to the "Draft" folder on the left.

  3. Continue editing as needed, saving as a draft or rescheduling the delivery date and time.

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