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Campanion App: Parent Login and FAQ
Campanion App: Parent Login and FAQ

Learn how to access and navigate your Campanion account

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Get ready to experience camp in a whole new way with the Campanion mobile app! Connect with your camp like never before through Face Finder, Microposts, Photos, Letters, and more exciting features. Keep reading to discover answers to all your common questions about the Campanion App – it's going to be great!

Download and Login to Campanion

How do I login to my Campanion Account?

Your login credentials are the same that were set up at the time of enrollment. If you have the same login email and password for multiple camps, the Campanion app will automatically add all associated camps.

Note: If you have the same login email for multiple camps, but different passwords, you'll need to login with each password individual.

Why can't I log in, even though I am using the correct credentials?

Your camp might not be utilizing the Campanion app. By reaching out to your camp, they can inform you whether they participate in the Campanion app experience.

Phone Operating Systems: Android and Apple

For the best experience running the Campanion app, we recommend that your device is running with the following operating systems:

  1. Android Phone: Version L and above. Versions are alphabetical, so versions A-K are not encouraged.

  2. Apple (iPhone): Apple iOS 8 and above. Versions are numerical, so versions 1-7 are not encouraged.

Use the following steps to check the operating system of your device:


  1. Open device settings (the blue gear icon)

  2. tap 'About Phone' or 'About Device'

  3. Tap 'Android Version'


  1. Launch settings app (the grey gear icon)

  2. Navigate to 'General'

  3. Click 'About'

  4. Look at 'Software Version'

Push Notifications

❓How do I enable Push Notifications?


Once you install the app, push notifications are automatically enabled without requiring any user action. Android users can disable notifications in the app’s settings.

Apple iOS:

Once you install the app, log in, and then access one of two features in the app to trigger the Push Notification prompts:

  • Option 1: Face Finder. When you successfully train Face Finder to a camper, the push notification flow will begin.

  • Option 2: Viewing Tagged Photo Album. When you view a tagged photo album, the push notification flow will begin.

  1. Interacting with these two features (Face Finder and/or Tagged Photos) triggers a pop-up. If you choose "No Thanks", you'll have a second chance to enable notifications using the other feature.

    Note: If you choose "No Thanks" in both options for push notification, you will need to uninstall the app and reinstall.

  2. If you choose "Yes, Please" on either, a second prompt will appear.

  3. Select "Allow" from the iOS prompt. If you choose "Don't Allow", you will need to manually enable push notifications in the App Setting.

There is a third option for opt in using the menu.

  • Option 3: Menu Opt-in. Allows you to enable push notifications per camp without uninstalling and installing.

  1. In the menu hold down the camp name until Register Device for Push Notifications appears and click the blue text.

  2. Apple: This will open up the system prompt to enable push notifications. A user will have to say yes to these to turn on the notifications

  3. Android: This will automatically turn on push notifications and there is no need to answer the system prompt

❓How do I opt-out of the Push Notifications?

If you decide to opt-out of receiving Push Notifications, you will still have full access to the app. You may miss important push notifications from your camp and notifications that a new photo of your camper has been tagged. You will still see tagged photos when you log into Campanion.

Apple iOS:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications and select "Campanion" from the list.

  2. Turn off the "Allow Notifications" toggle.


  1. Navigate to Settings > Apps & Notifications. Click on "See all ___ apps" and select "Campanion" from the list.

  2. Select "Off" under Notifications.

💡Tip: If you already opted in and would like to turn off Push Notifications, you can do so in your phone's setting by selecting "Notifications" and finding the Campanion app.

My Camps

How can I include an additional camp that my child(ren) will be attending?

If you're a parent linked to multiple camps, effortlessly add another camp through the "My Camps" feature! Just tap the three horizontal lines at the top left of your Campanion app to access the Menu page. From there, select "My Camps" at the bottom and then choose "Add a camp" – it's that simple!

Campanion Photos

The Face Finder Feature

Experience the wonder of Face Finder, our innovative tool that effortlessly brings your camper's special moments right to you! Utilizing advanced facial recognition, we quickly locate and tag your child's photos in the app, saving you from the hassle of searching. Enjoy a unique, hassle-free way to stay connected and cherish every camp memory with ease and joy!

To train the Campanion app’s Face Finder feature click the three horizontal lines in the top left of your Campanion app to get to the Menu page, choose ‘My Campers’, then choose the camper you would like to train.

What if I would like to opt-out of the Facial Recognition technology?

If you decide to opt-out of Facial Recognition, you will still have full access to the app. The only thing you will be missing is that the Campanion app will not search for photos of your camper. If you already opted in and would like to remove your camper’s recognition, contact Campminder Support at 303-444-2267.

Photos and Albums

Bring the camp experience right to your fingertips! With photos neatly organized in albums, you can easily navigate and relish every moment – from favorite snapshots to various camp activities. Just tap, swipe, and explore these cherished memories directly from your phone, keeping you connected to your child's adventures every single day.

Is it possible to directly download a photo from the app to my phone?

To download a photo to your phone’s camera roll, open the photo and then click on the download "cloud" button at the bottom of the page.

❓Is it possible to share a photo directly from within the app?

To share a photo right from Campanion, simply open the desired photo and tap the send button located on the bottom right. Once you do that, you'll be able to select the destination for your photo.

Campanion Letters

Stay connected with your camper in a heartwarming way with letters! If your camp has the feature enabled, easily send a personal, printed letter to be hand-delivered to your child at camp. It's like delivering a piece of home straight to your camper, all with a few taps on your device!

❓How do I send and receive letters with my camper in Campanion?

To send and read letters in the Campanion app, click the three horizontal lines in the top left of your Campanion app to get to the Menu page. Choose ‘Letters’.

Send a letter: Click the pencil icon in the top right of the Letters page. Select the Camper from the dropdown, and add a message. When ready, choose if you would like a handwritten reply (using eLetter Stationary) click the box at the bottom. Click 'Send Your Letter'.

Read a Reply: Camper letters are under the 'Replies' tab. You can save and share letters on the bottom of the screen, same as with photos.

For additional information on CampStamps and Sending eLetters, visit the CampInTouch Parent FAQ:

Campanion Camp Registration and Forms

Re-enrollment whenever, wherever! With Campanion, everything in one place, and with no need to sign in over and over.

Camp Application

Experience the ease of mobile registration and re-enrollment with Campanion, designed to make your camp preparations quick and efficient. Enjoy the convenience of having everything in one place, without the hassle of repeated logins. With Campanion, signing up for camp is simpler and more streamlined than ever, ensuring you feel great about your camp investment.

Camp Forms

Simplify your summer camp preparations with the Campanion app! Easily view and manage all the required forms for your child's registration and enrollment in one convenient place. With clear due dates and automatic updates for overdue forms, you'll stay on top of everything straight from your mobile device. Submitting forms on time has never been easier, giving you one less thing to worry about.

If you are receiving notifications, your camp may alert you to any upcoming or overdue forms. You will be linked directly to the form in the notification.

From the forms link, you can scan a take a photo of a document or upload a PDF.


Microposts are an ideal way for you to stay updated on the daily happenings at camp. They offer regular insights into camp life, from day-to-day stories to scheduling changes. Plus, they're a valuable source of information for important updates, like re-enrollment details and other key announcements, keeping you engaged and informed at every step.

With Campanion, you're always in the loop and your child's camp adventures are just a tap away!

Microposts appear in your stream, along with tagged photos and albums.

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