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Get to Know: The Staff Interest Form
Get to Know: The Staff Interest Form

Learn how to collect basic information about potential applicants, creating a lead record

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The staff interest form is an easy way to gather potential staff information, interests, and skills in a format that takes less than a minute to complete.

Attract a larger pool of applicants, streamline the application process, and create a lead record with one simple form.

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Create the Staff Interest Form

The Staff Interest Form is web-based and is accessible on various devices. On the admin side, you'll customize the level of information collected and the system will integrate the applicant in as a lead.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Staff > Staff Interest Form Settings.

    Note: at the very top of the form you will see button links for your "Position Types" and "Lead Sources". The definitions will populate directly from your staff application, and edits to definitions on either form will populate on the other.

  2. Edit "Position Types" as needed and select to include or exclude from the staff interest form. Activate/Inactivate the "Lead Sources" "Ask Memo" permissions (collecting data on how applicants heard about your camp.)

  3. Edit any user notification settings for form submission alerts and marketing tools (google analytics, AdWords, etc.) under "General Settings".

  4. The "Form Heading" section is where you can add the form header name (we are calling it "Staff Interest Form") and any messages desired to guide interested applicants in completing the form.

  5. Enable the "General Information" you are collecting from the interested applicant. Note: There are four required fields pre-populated on the Staff Interest Form:

    • Season (to assign the staff to a particular season, since inquiry staff are seasonal)

    • First and Last Name

    • Preferred Name (to ensure staff are addressed appropriately)

    • Email (to validate and avoid duplicate records where possible and ensure staff can easily access CIT and existing data when they’re ready to complete their application)

    You will not see the above fields as editable options on the admin side.

  6. Select from the General Information list the fields you wish to collect from the interested applicant. Select "Show Field" to add to the form, and "Is Required" if applicant has to add it to submit.

    📖Related Help Materials:

  7. Edit "Mailing Address Options", if collecting this information.

  8. The Staff Interest Form is great for collecting and categorizing potential staff into position groups. Add any introductory information or instructions to the message box. Edit the maximum number of selected options from the drop down.

    Note: These selections are not weighted, just collecting areas of general interest.

  9. Add in "Starting Date" and "End Date" availability fields.

  10. "Custom Questions" allow you to create and arrange any additional questions on the Staff Interest Form.

  11. Add an "Additional Comment" field to allow interested staff to note anything they feel pertinent to their staffing interest.

  12. "Submit Redirection" offers a chance to direct interested staff to any webpage you desire. Add a thank you page header and text body.

  13. Click the green "Save Changes" button on the bottom. We encourage you to view the form after saving by clicking the blue link in the yellow footer that includes the save changes button.

Enable the Staff Interest Form

Once you have completed editing the form and reviewed it on CampInTouch, you can embed the link in your webpage. If you are utilizing Campminder texting, you will need to enable the opt-in functionality on the form.

  1. Embeddable Link: Navigate to Admin > CampInTouch > Links > Staff Interest Form. Select the link provided next to the "Staff Interest Form" line to embed into your webpage.

  2. Campminder Texting: Navigate to Admin > CampInTouch > Text Message Opt-In Settings. Select the check box under number 3, "Staff Interest Form", in Application Settings.

  3. Enable Gender Settings: Navigate to Admin > Unified Person Record > Gender and Person Settings. Scroll to "Staff Interest Form", and enable the Gender Label, Identity, and Pronouns (if using.)

    Tip: The details box is a great place to provide any links to camp policy or guidelines concerning gender identity.

    Note: Contact Campminder Support if your camp would like to remove the binary gender question from the application and the other applicable areas in the system.

Applicant View of Staff Interest Form

From Inquiry to Staff Lead

When an interested party submits the "Staff Inquiry Form" a new record will be created in the system. The record will have a staff “LD” tile and will be assigned to the Staff Recruitment partition with the “Inquiry” status.

When searching staff records, look for "Inquiry" in the dropdown status options.

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