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Get to Know: Campanion Admin
Get to Know: Campanion Admin

Learn how to access and login to the Campanion Admin Platform

Updated over a week ago

You can access your Campanion Admin through a computer or mobile device to manage Albums, Microposts, Audiences, Registration and more!

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Access Companion Admin

The functionality of Companion Admin is the same whether you're on a computer or a mobile device.

  1. Navigate to the URL: Open your preferred web browser and go to

  2. Login: Use the same login credentials you use for Camp Minder to log in.

Campanion Admin User Permissions

To provide access to Companion Admin for other Camp Minder administrative users:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Logins and Permissions > User Groups.

  2. Set the permissions to "Authorized" under the "News' and "Photo Gallery" dropdowns. Existing permissions will be retained, and authorized users will gain access to Companion Admin.

Admin Activities

From the Admin page, you can manage a variety of tasks to enhance your camp's online activities. These include posting photos in albums, creating Microposts, sharing registration links, and much more. For detailed instructions on each admin section, please explore the links to our full articles below.

๐Ÿ’กTip: By exploring these articles, you'll gain a clear understanding of how to effectively use the new Companion Admin platform for your camp's various administrative tasks.

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